Marlies Möller Greyless Hair & Scalp Concentrate 100ml

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  • Nourishes and protects the hair and scalp
  • Stimulates the scalp to improve hair growth
  • Prevents premature hair greying
  • Visible reduction in grey density

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Marlies Möller Greyless Hair & Scalp Concentrate 100ml

The Marlies Möller Greyless Hair & Scalp Concentrate is an innovative product that helps support the natural pigmentation of your hair while invigorating your scalp and nourishing your hair from root to tip.


Nourish And Care For Your Hair And Scalp

With a balanced combination of active ingredients like red algae, caffeine, wild water mint, and hyaluronic acid, this concentrate provides a noticeable energy effect, stimulating circulation and deeply moisturizing your hair and scalp.

By providing new strength and energy, this concentrate revitalizes, refreshes, and harmonizes your scalp, promoting timeless beauty and thick, healthy hair.

Not only does this concentrate actively support your hair roots, but it also positively influences the pigmentation of your hair, preventing premature greying.


How To Use:

Apply Marlies Möller Greyless Hair & Scalp Concentrate directly to the scalp separating the hair section by section. Do not rinse.

With regular use, you can expect to see a visible reduction in grey density after just 3 months.



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