Wella Color Touch 60ml

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Wella Color Touch 60ml

From the leading salon professional brand, Wella color touch provides vibrant low-commitment demi-permanent hair color with a beautiful multi-dimensional finish.

Its ammonia free formula fades true to tone with virtually no visible root regrowth and up to 70% grey coverage.

This color range is ideal for clients who like to change their look often or a looking to refresh, tone or boost their color.

How To Use:

Mix ratio 1:2 with Wella Color Touch Emulsion 1.9% or 4%. Development time 20 minutes without heat or 15 minutes with heat.



  •  Recyclable and 100% recycled tubes which avoids using over 700 tons of virgin aluminum per year.
  •  Recyclable and 100% recycled caps which avoids using over 180 tons of plastic.
  •  Recyclable and 85% recycled cardboard using over 950 tons of virgin cardboard per year.


Always follow manufactures instructions. Allergy test before each color service. For Professional use only.

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Wella Color Touch

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