Wella Shinefinity Glaze Demi-Permanent Color 60ml

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Wella Shinefinity Glaze Demi-Permanent Color 60ml

Zero ammonia, zero alcohol, zero direct dyes and zero silicone. Shinefinity is the perfect balance between color and shine with long lasting true to tone color results, even on porous hair.

Its Zero lift formula is ph balanced to protect the integrity of the hair during coloring services while smoothing the cuticle for shiny healthy-looking hair.

Shinefinity Glaze can be used to add depth, tone, neutralize or simply to add shine to your natural base. Lasts up to 6 weeks.

How To Use:

Mix ratio 1:1 Shinefinity glaze gel creme + Shinefinity Bottle Activator or Brush Activator.  Apply to dry or pre-shampooed hair and develop for up to 20 minutes depending on desired shade.


For Professional Use Only. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Chemical products may cause allergic reactions. Allergy test before use.


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Wella Shinefinity 60ml

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