Revlon Nutri Color Filters 200/240ml

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  • Treats your hair while coloring
  • Low commitment
  • Reduces hair breakage
  • Nourishes & Detangles
  • Fully intermixable range
  • Refresh, Tone or Create bold fashion colors.
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Revlon Nutri Color Filters 200/240ml

Revlon Nutri Color filters are a range of low commitment semi-permanent hair colors that offer color, care, and shine. These color masks not only provide vibrant shades but also act as a hair treatment, nourishing and detangling the hair.

The rich formula of these masks also helps in sealing the hair cuticle, resulting in silky smooth and shiny hair.

With 27 fully intermixable shades available, these versatile colors can be used for toning pre-lightened hair, refreshing existing hair color, or creating bold fashion colors.

Whether you want to maintain your salon color or experiment with a new look, Revlon Nutri Color filters are the perfect choice.

How to use Revlon Nutri Color Filters

  • Fashion Filters: Bring out your creative side with these versatile bold colors. Perfect for refreshing you existing color or creating new on trend color results on pre lightened hair. How to apply: 3 minutes for color refresh/ 15 minutes for bold color results.


  • Toning Filters: Neutralise unwanted tones on pre lightened hair or during coloring services. How to apply: 3 minutes to refresh color or 15 minutes for deeper toning of pre lightened hair.


  • Mixing Filters: Mix any Nutri Filter Color with Blush, Clear or shadow to customise your shade or to create that Smokey effect color. How to apply: Mix 10 parts Fashion or Toning filters with 3 parts Blush, Clear Or Shadow.


Prioritize safety by always following the manufacturer’s instructions when using our chemical products. It is important to note that these products may cause allergic reactions, so we recommend conducting an allergy test before use.

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Revlon Nutri Color Filters 100/240ml

020 Lavender 100ml, 053 Iced Rose 100ml, 054 Coral 100ml, 097 Turquoise 100ml, 1001 Intense Silver 100ml, 1002 Pale Platinum 240ml, 1011 Intense Silver 240ml, 1012 Blonde Mauve 100ml, 1022 Intense Platinum 100ml, 1022 Intense Platinum 240ml, 200 Violet 240ml, 524 Coopery Pearl Brown 240ml, 642 Chestnut 100ml, 642 Chestnut 240ml, 740 Light Copper 100ml, 740 Light Copper 240ml, 821 Silver Beige 100ml, 821 Silver Beige 240ml, Blush 100ml, Shadow 100ml


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