Wella True Grey 60ml

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Wella True Grey 60ml

Commitment free grey revitalizing toners. Designed for clients with 70% to 100% grey hair. Available in 7 beautiful grey hues to enhance the client’s natural grey color. Adding depth and shine for a multi-dimensional finish.

This gentle as water zero lift and zero damage formula is free from ammonia, MEA, perfume and animal derived ingredients.


7 Shades of Wella True Grey

1 Pearl Mist Light: Adds coolness and shimmer to 100% grey hair and reduces yellow tones with light violet pigments without adding shadow.

2 Pearl Mist Dark: Adds depth and definition with cool violet pigments. Recommended for clients with under 70% grey hair.

3 Graphite Shimmer Light: Enhances brightness to 100% grey hair without adding shadow.

4 Graphite Shimmer medium: This medium silver is an allrounder for grey hair. Adds shadow and dimension.

4 Graphite Shimmer Dark: Adds depth, dimension and shadow to grey hair. This color is a good choice for men’s beards and eyebrows too.

6 Steel Glow Medium: The Grey and blue hues of this toner are ideal for adding a glow to dull grey hair.

7 Steel Glow Dark: Adds a cool tone to hair that is dark with under 70% grey.


How To Use Wella True Grey

Full Head application

Enhance color and reduce yellow hues.

Mix ratio 1:1 Cream Toner + True Grey Activator. Apply to dry hair and process at room temperature for 30 minutes. Emulsify and shampoo, then apply 2 pumps or True Grey Treatment and leave up to 3 minutes and rinse.


Express application refresh and tone

Refresh color and shine, softly reduce yellow Hues

Mix ratio 1:1:1 Cream Toner +  Wella True Grey Activator + True Grey Treatment. Apply to pre-shampooed hair and process for 15 minutes. Rinse and style.



Professional Use Only. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Chemical products may cause allergic reactions. Allergy test before use.

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Wella True Grey

Graphite Shimmer Dark 60ml, Graphite Shimmer Light 60ml, Graphite Shimmer Medium 60ml, Pearl Mist Dark 60ml, Pearl Mist Light 60ml, Steel Glow Dark 60ml, Steel Glow Medium 60ml, True Grey Activator, True Grey Clear Conditioning Perfector 500ml


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