Wella Welloxon Developer 60ml/1000ml

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Wella Welloxon Developer 60ml/1000ml

Wella Welloxon Developer is a high-quality cream developer designed to be used with Wella Koleston Perfect and Wella lightening products.

It activates the color molecules in the dye, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting results.

This developer comes in different strengths to accommodate various hair types and desired levels of lift. It is easy to mix and apply, making it a favorite among professional hairstylists for achieving beautiful hair color transformations.


 For Profesional Use Only. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Chemical products may cause allergic reactions. Allergy test before use.


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Wella Welloxon Developer

13v 4,0 1000ml, 13v 4,0 500ml, 20v 6,0 500ml, 20v 6,0 60ml, 30v 9,0 500ml, 30v 9,0 60ml, 40v 12 500ml, 40v 12,0 60ml, 6v 1,9 1000ml, 6v 1,9 500ml


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